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  • Cultural diversity of quality of information on Wikipedias

    Août 2017
    This article explores the relationship between linguistic culture and the preferred standards of presenting information based on article representation in major Wikipedias. Using primary research analysis of the number of images, references, internal links, external links, words, and (...)

  • Toward the operationalization of visual metaphor

    Août 2017
    Many successful digital interfaces employ visual metaphors to convey features or data properties to users, but the characteristics that make a visual metaphor effective are not well understood. We used a theoretical conception of metaphor from cognitive linguistics to design an interactive (...)

  • Stochastic reranking of biomedical search results based on extracted entities

    Août 2017
    Health-related information is nowadays accessible from many sources and is one of the most searched-for topics on the Internet. However, existing search systems often fail to provide users with a good list of medical search results, especially for classic (keyword-based) queries. In this (...)

  • The aboutness of words

    Août 2017
    Word aboutness is defined as the relationship between words and subjects associated with them. An aboutness coefficient is developed to estimate the strength of the aboutness relationship. Words that are randomly distributed across subjects are assumed to lack aboutness and the degree to which (...)

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