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  • Modes of writing in a digital age: The good, the bad and the unknown

    1er octobre, par Anne Mangen
    With digitization, our modes of writing change and we go from writing by putting pen to paper, to typing on a variety of screens. In educational as well as in leisurely settings, writing by hand is increasingly marginalized, and may in a foreseeable future be abandoned altogether. Summarizing (...)

  • Reading in a post-textual era

    1er octobre, par Miha Kova?, Adriaan van der Weel
    This paper analyses major social shifts in reading by comparing publishing statistics with results of empirical research on reading. As media statistics suggest, the last five decades have seen two shifts: from textual to visual media, and with the advent of digital screens also from long-form (...)

  • Reading in the era of digitisation: An introduction to the special issue

    1er octobre, par Miha Kova?, Adriaan van der Weel
    Digital technologies offer tremendous opportunities with respect to information access, storage and transmission, and digital reading environments offer ways to present information that are difficult or impossible to attain in text on paper. This is significantly changing the ways we read. (...)

  • Emoji hashtags // hashtag emoji: Of platforms, visual affect, and discursive flexibility

    1er septembre, par Tim Highfield
    This paper examines the communicative functions of emoji in concert with hashtags, comparing two platform-specific approaches to combining hashtags and emoji: emoji hashtags as discursive markers on Instagram, and platform-directed hashtag emoji on Twitter. These approaches offer key insights (...)

  • Emoji at MoMA: Considering the 'original emoji' as art

    1er septembre, par SooJin Lee
    >In 2016, the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York announced that it had acquired for its permanent collection the original set of 176 emoji characters developed in 1999 by Japan’s telecommunication provider NTT DoCoMo. MoMA also organized an exhibition of the emoji in the museum’s lobby with (...)

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