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  • Assessing the social media landscape: Online relational use-purposes and life satisfaction among Finns

    1er janvier, par Teo Keipi, Ilkka Koiranen, Aki Koivula, Pekka Räsänen
    This study examines the social Internet use-purposes of Finns along with links to perceived life satisfaction. Here, associations between life satisfaction and various online behaviors linked to socialization are explored among the Finnish adult population, sigh data coming from nationally (...)

  • Nerd vs. bro: Geek privilege, idiosyncrasy, and triumphalism

    1er janvier, par Joseph Reagle
    Increasingly, geek culture is criticized as one that is biased; in particular, geek claims of meritocracy are thought to be naïve because they do not recognize the privilege (i.e., unseen advantages) of extant members. But some geeks are resistant to this critique. Why? Beyond the natural (...)

  • Rating mechanisms among participants in sharing economy platforms

    Décembre 2017, par Lene Pettersen
    This study shares findings from 23 qualitative interviews of participants from five sharing economy platforms in Norway (2016) about how they make sense of rating scores, use rating scores when making decisions and provide ratings of others in sharing economy platforms. Online ratings or review (...)

  • Authority baiting as art: On patrol with the Love Police

    Décembre 2017, par Thomas Chesney
    We study authority baiting on YouTube, videos whose content is constructed around the theme of a filmmaker questioning an authority figure. Using the theoretical context of sousveillance we examine the ideology of these vloggers, the style of their videos, laws and regulations that impact on (...)

  • Profiles of mapping of content creators in a geo-social network: The case of 21 Brazilian cities

    Décembre 2017, par Aline Marques Morais, Nazareno Andrade
    A geo-social network (GSN) is a type of social network where geolocated information shared among users plays an important role. The fast development of GSNs in recent years has made this system a valuable tool for people to learn about places on a large scale, using information provided by (...)

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