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  • Ubiquitous laptop use in higher education: Multitasking and students’ perception of distraction in a European setting

    Octobre 2017, par Manuel Goyanes, Daniel Catalán-Matamoros
    The present study was conducted in a European setting to examine what undergraduate students do on their laptops during a traditional class and to what extent laptop usage behaviors are associated with academic success, along with social networking use and laptop use as distractions. Based on a (...)

  • Exploring HIV-AIDS interests in the MENA region using Internet based searches

    Octobre 2017, par Ahmed Al-Rawi
    Due to the scarcity of official data on sexually transmitted diseases in the Middle East and North Africa region (MENA), it becomes important to seek alternative indications on the online information interests and possible spread of such diseases. This paper uses news stories from 10 Arabic (...)

  • The co-production of gender and ICT: Gender stereotypes in schools

    Octobre 2017, par Eduarda Ferreira
    Information and communication technologies (ICT) are increasingly pervasive and embedded in everyday objects, significantly constituting social identities. In particular, ICT continues to be highly gendered in all socioeconomic and educational backgrounds, a source of significant social (...)

  • The impact of customer images on online purchase decisions: Evidence from a Chinese C2C Web site

    Octobre 2017, par Mingming Dai, Leo Van Hove
    The influence of electronic word-of-mouth (eWOM) on consumers’ online purchase decisions is well-documented. However, little is known about the impact of customer images, a recent form of eWOM. The present paper reports on an exploratory survey among 215 young users of the Chinese C2C shopping (...)

  • The labor of online product promotion: Barriers to collective action

    Octobre 2017, par Daniel Carter
    Theorists have suggested that precarity — an experience of risk and uncertainty — increasingly describes the work experiences of many different kinds of contractual workers: from highly paid freelancers to those who pick up odd jobs. Theorists have further suggested that this common experience of (...)

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