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  • More friends, more interactions? The association between network size and interactions on Facebook

    1er mai, par Joanna C. Yau, Stephanie M. Reich, Yiran Wang, Melissa Niiya, Gloria Mark
    With social networking sites (SNS) such as Facebook, individuals have immediate access to hundreds of people from different aspects of their lives. On one hand, this may increase the number of people that individuals can interact with directly because communication now requires less effort. On (...)

  • Deception strategies and threats for online discussions

    1er mai, par Onur Varol, Ismail Uluturk
    Communication plays a major role in social systems. Effective communications, which requires the transmission of messages between individuals without disruptions or noise, can be a powerful tool to deliver intended impact. Language and style of content can be leveraged to deceive and manipulate (...)

  • China’s long game in techno-nationalism

    1er mai, par Shazeda Ahmed, Steven Weber
    The passage of China’s national cybersecurity law in June 2017 has been interpreted as an unprecedented impediment to the operation of foreign firms in the country, with its new requirements for data localization, network operators’ cooperation with law enforcement officials, and online content (...)

  • Into the wild online: Learning from Internet trolls

    1er mai, par Andreas Birkbak
    An Internet troll is a person who deliberately upsets users of online forums or social media. The term has been taken up widely in media discourses about democracy and the Web. Internet trolls and the act of ‘trolling’ thus speaks to a renewed significance of monsters and the monstrous in (...)

  • Swarm networks and the design process of a distributed meme warfare campaign

    1er mai, par Travis Wall, Teodor Mitew
    This paper aims to develop a systemic perspective of the mechanics of an online memetic warfare campaign. The paper uses as its case study the #DraftOurDaughters campaign, a viral memetic campaign conducted in October 2016 as part of the U.S. presidential election campaign. #DraftOurDaughters (...)

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