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  • The view from the other side: The border between controversial speech and harassment on Kotaku in Action

    2 février, par Shagun Jhaver, Larry Chan, Amy Bruckman
    In this paper, we use mixed methods to study a controversial Internet site: The Kotaku in Action (KiA) subreddit. Members of KiA are part of GamerGate, a distributed social movement. We present an emic account of what takes place on KiA: who are they, what are their goals and beliefs, and what (...)

  • Antirival goods, network effects and the sharing economy

    2 février, par F. Xavier Olleros
    Nothing facilitates large-scale collaboration like the prospect of inclusive, all-win games. Modern humans have gotten much better at large-scale collaboration because they have discovered, or invented, a broad range of collective goods that are easy to share and become more valuable the more (...)

  • Information affordances: Studying the information processing activities of the core Occupy actors on Twitter

    2 février, par Sikana Tanupabrungsun, Jeff Hemsley, Bryan Semaan
    Emergent social movements benefit from technologies that support the information activities that core actors perform to achieve the goals of the movement. Starting with an information-centric perspective, we use the theoretical lens of information processing, to examine the roles of Twitter (...)

  • Goals for algorithmic genies

    2 février, par Hassan Masum, Mark Tovey
    Algorithmic genies built from growing computational capabilities bring risks like automating well-paying jobs, yet we suggest that if supplied with suitable goals and supporting infrastructure they can help in meeting many human needs. We argue that algorithmic genies can be harnessed to raise (...)

  • Evoking presence in vlogging: A case study of U. K. beauty blogger Zoe Sugg

    1er janvier, par Hantian Zhang
    In this paper, we explore how video blogs (vlogs) evoke the sense of “presence”, by examining famous U. K. video blogger (vlogger) Zoe Sugg’s “Haul” videos. As a result of this analysis, we argue that vlogs could evoke presence through two main elements: sensory and social elements. Sensory elements (...)

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