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  • Why blogs endure: A study of recent college graduates and motivations for blog readership

    Octobre 2017, par Alison J. Head, Michele Van Hoeck, Kirsten Hostetler
    This paper reports the results from a mixed methods study of recent college graduates who were asked if and why they used blogs as sources for continued learning purposes. Findings are based on 1,651 online survey responses and 63 follow-up telephone interviews with young graduates from 10 U.S. (...)

  • Book review of Minitel: Welcome to the Internet

    Septembre 2017, par Edward J. Valauskas

  • The impact of binge watching on memory and perceived comprehension

    Septembre 2017, par Jared C. Horvath, Alex J. Horton, Jason M. Lodge, John A.C. Hattie
    Binge watching via video-on-demand services is now considered the new ‘normal’ way to consume television programs. In fact, recent surveys suggest upwards of 80 percent of consumers prefer and indulge in binge watching behavior. Despite this, there is no evidence regarding the impact of binge (...)

  • Information in the ecosystem: Against the “information ecosystem”

    Septembre 2017, par Timothy B. Norris, Todd Suomela
    The “information ecosystem” metaphor is widely used in academic libraries and has become nearly ubiquitous when speaking of the information systems that support scholarly communication and varied forms of data sharing and publication. The trending use of this language arises from non-academic (...)

  • Hashtags as online communities with social support: A study of anti-sexism-in-science hashtag movements

    Septembre 2017, par Jennifer Golbeck, Summer Ash, Nicole Cabrera
    In the face of many cases of sexism within the sciences, scientists have turned to Twitter with hashtags to address the issue. Popular hashtags include #distractinglySexy, #iLookLikeAnEngineer, and #girlsWithToys. In this study, we set out to investigate why people were reading and using these (...)

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