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  • "Talking about his dead child, again!" Emotional self-management in relation to online mourning

    Novembre 2017, par Tobias Raun
    This paper explores a group of Dane’s motives for and experiences with using their personal Facebook profile to cope with the death of a close relative, based on extensive semi-structured media-go-along interviews. The focus of the article is on what I label emotional self-management, which came (...)

  • Death and Lulz: Understanding the personality characteristics of RIP trolls

    Novembre 2017, par Kathryn C. Seigfried-Spellar, Siddharth S. Chowdhury
    Trolling on the Internet is a form of deviant behavior that borderlines cyberharassment. A specific type of trolling behavior involving individuals posting rude/harassing comments on online memorial pages is known as RIP or memorial page trolling. This study compared the personality traits of (...)

  • How geopolitical conflict shapes the mass-produced online map

    Novembre 2017, par Sterling D. Quinn, Doran A. Tucker
    Cartographers have always grappled with the question of how to depict spaces of conflict where place names or boundaries are disputed. We examine how these conflicts are represented in mass-produced online maps with a worldwide audience, focusing on both commercial maps produced by tech giants (...)

  • Breaking news: How push notifications alter the fourth estate

    Novembre 2017, par Madelyn Rose Sanfilippo, Yafit Lev-Aretz
    In the face of media mistrust and increasing scrutiny over fake news, the fourth estate traditional power-check functions, as well as its esteem, are in jeopardy. Changes in news reporting and dissemination, including social media and new technologies have greatly reshaped the information (...)

  • Administrating social media: The significance of managers

    Octobre 2017, par Azi Lev-On
    As social media and online communities of practice are becoming significant organizational arenas in the public service, it is important to study content uploaded to these communities, the dynamics of conversations that they host, and their perceived effect. Much literature about such (...)

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