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  • A conversation: Queer digital media resources and research

    1er juillet, par Mia Fischer, Oliver L. Haimson, Carmen Rios, Adrienne Shaw, Mitali Thakor, Jen Jack Gieseking, Daniel Cockayne
    The following is a panel discussion from QIS2 that in which five experts shared their research on queer media and technology. The panellists discuss a wide range of topics including trans people and surveillance online; trans identity and social media; online communities and feminist politics; (...)

  • What's queer about Internet studies now?

    1er juillet, par Jen Jack Gieseking, Jessa Lingel, Daniel Cockayne
    Queerness owes much to the past, a past we can see playing out again and again in physical and online spaces. More than seeing the Internet as a tool for LGBTQ activism alone, our collective dialogue asks: what’s queer about the Internet? The interventions by queer theory and LGBTQ studies into (...)

  • International comparison of active citizenship by using Twitter data, the case of England and the Netherlands

    1er juin, par Cristina Rosales Sánchez
    Can social media become the new data source for certain social indicators? What does social media offer in comparison with classical sources for official statistics? This research analyzes the potential of Twitter data to obtain indicators of active citizenship. We use a methodology developed (...)

  • Accessibility of anonymity networks: How can Web accessibility policies promote the usability of darknets for persons with disabilities?

    1er juin, par G. Anthony Giannoumis
    Public and private interests concerned over the right to privacy and freedom of expression on the Internet have contributed to the creation and adoption of anonymity networks. Previous research has yet to examine fully the accessibility of anonymity networks for persons with disabilities. Thus, (...)

  • Understanding cyberloafing by students through the lens of an extended theory of planned behavior

    1er juin, par Patrick Chin-Hooi Soh, Kian Yeik Koay, Vivien K.G. Lim
    In today’s digital world, it is common for students to bring their Internet-connected devices to classes. However, using these devices for non-class-related purposes during lessons can be distracting and detrimental to students’ academic performance as well as frustrating for instructors. Defined (...)

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