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  • Cultural literacy in the empire of emoji signs: Who is crying with joy?

    1er septembre, par Alisa Freedman
    Unicode emoji, originating in Japan but expanded through worldwide usage, is a means to assess how the globalization of Japanese popular culture promotes cultural literacy and awareness of multiculturalism. Emoji reveal discrimination and diversity within cultures, but emoji alone are (...)

  • Between art and application: Special issue on emoji epistemology

    1er septembre, par Crystal Abidin, Joel Gn
    This special issue, curated by Joel Gn and Crystal Abidin, provides an investigation of the uses and impacts of emoji within the domains of culture, race, language, and art and commerce. Considering the broader socio-cultural implications of emoji and the various ways that emoji negotiate and (...)

  • Online self-representation in Brazil's favelas: Personalising the periphery

    1er août, par Helton Levy
    This paper focuses on blogs, Web sites, and social media pages produced from Brazil’s favelas to study existing notions of online self-representation. Semi-structured interviews conducted with 21 media producers questioned if favela media can really forge a new image of dwellers by creating new (...)

  • Thumbs up, thumbs down? Likes and dislikes as popularity drivers of political YouTube videos

    1er août, par Anders Olof Larsson
    While early ideas surrounding the influence of the Internet on political participation and communication were often overtly optimistic, comparably recent years have seen the rise of online hate speech and similar issues gaining influence in a variety of online spheres. The study presented here (...)

  • A self-efficacy informed approach to anonymously locating digital disruptors

    1er août, par James F. Popham
    Young, politically motivated, and technologically savvy individuals have been instrumental in bringing about social change through the first decades of the twenty-first century. These tech-savvy “disruptors” anonymously champion counter-hegemonic discourse and ideology by manipulating networked (...)

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