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  • Emoji as a 'language' of cuteness

    1er septembre, par Joel Gn
    This article develops a case for emoji as a ‘language’ of cuteness, by building a framework for the relationship between their communication design and use in computer-mediated communication. In view of the technical standardisation and cross-cultural reception of emoji, the article also examines (...)

  • I second that emoji: The standards, structures, and social production of emoji

    1er septembre, par Bethany Berard
    How does an emoji come to be? In 2010 emoji character sets were incorporated into Unicode Standard 6 which allowed “picture characters” to become standardized alongside text-based characters. The technical standardization allowed emoji to be used across devices, operating systems, and Internet (...)

  • Facial recognition, emotion and race in animated social media

    1er septembre, par Luke Stark
    Facial recognition systems are increasingly common components of commercial smart phones such as the iPhone X and the Samsung Galaxy S9. These technologies are also increasingly being put to use in consumer-facing social media video-sharing applications, such as Apple’s animoji and memoji, (...)

  • Inciting anger through Facebook reactions in Belgium: The use of emoji and related vernacular expressions in racist discourse

    1er septembre, par Ariadna Matamoros-Fernández
    This article uses the concept of ‘platformed racism‘ to explore the tension between how platforms afford and govern emoji, and how users appropriate them to engage in racist discourse. The paper takes the example of Belgian far-right political party Vlaams Belang’s use of Facebook Reactions to (...)

  • Biaoqing: The circulation of emoticons, emoji, stickers, and custom images on Chinese digital media platforms

    1er septembre, par Gabriele de Seta
    The Mandarin Chinese term biaoqing, or ‘expression’, categorizes genres of visual content ranging from emoticons and emoji to stickers and custom images. This article is grounded on ethnographic research and approaches biaoqing in terms of their circulation across Chinese digital media platforms. (...)

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