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  • Digital detritus: 'Error' and the logic of opacity in social media content moderation

    1er mars, par Sarah T. Roberts
    The late 2016 case of the Facebook content moderation controversy over the infamous Vietnam-era photo, “The Terror of War,” is examined in this paper for both its specifics, as well as a mechanism to engage in a larger discussion of the politics and economics of the content moderation of (...)

  • Home inspection: Mina Rees and national computing infrastructure

    1er mars, par Elizabeth Losh
    This essay seeks to undermine the primacy of Vannevar Bush as an architect of digital culture by reimagining the story of national computing infrastructure through the framework of feminized care work. It argues that early forms of networked computational media were situated in collaborative (...)

  • Laundering women's history: A feminist critique of the social factory

    1er mars, par Kylie Jarrett
    Studies of digital labour are closely connected to the concept of immaterial labour and how this has been critically interpreted by Autonomist Marxists who draw upon the concept of the social factory in explaining its wider impacts. The extension of labour and capitalist logics outside factory (...)

  • Introduction: A gathering of feminist perspectives on digital labor

    1er mars, par Carolyn Elerding, Roopika Risam
    The following introduction locates the special issue within digital labor studies, Internet studies, and gender and sexualities studies, as well as contextualizing the project in relation to current events and popular debates.

  • Perceptions of video gaming careers and its implications on parental mediation

    2 février, par Hee Jhee Jiow, Rayvinder Jit Singh Athwal, Ling Ling Chew, Muhammad Helmi Elias, Nina Lim, Qin Ting Lye, Xin Yu Ng, Kenneth Woo
    Since its advent in the 1970s, the video game industry has superseded its film counterpart, sporting a growth rate quadrupling that of other media and entertainment sectors. In contemporary times, video gaming occupations — namely game designers, professional gamers and YouTubers — have gained (...)

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