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  • Operation Phakisa Education: Why a secret? Mass surveillance, inequality, and race in South Africa's emerging national e-education system

    Décembre 2017, par Michael Kwet
    This paper investigates several human rights concerns with respect to the South African government’s secretive plan to transform basic education, Operation Phakisa Education. The first concern is the influence of digital surveillance on education and society by government and corporate (...)

  • The use of the Japanese epistemic markers ne, kamo and kana with emoticons in an online female Japanese blogging community

    Décembre 2017, par Barry Kavanagh
    In this paper the functions of the Japanese epistemic markers ne, kamo and kana combined with emoticons were analyzed from a corpus of online personal blog comments. These combinations were divided into how they emphasized solidarity markers or hedges within the blog comments. Results showed (...)

  • Conflict in a digital place

    Décembre 2017, par Ammar Halabi, Basile Zimmermann, Michèle Courant
    This paper discusses the issue of conflict over the Internet. It focuses on situations where disagreements between users connect with specific choices in the design of a digital infrastructure, and it argues that engagement in design activities can be used as a tool to analyse and probe such (...)

  • Stewardship in the "Age of Algorithms"

    Décembre 2017, par Clifford Lynch
    This paper explores pragmatic approaches that might be employed to document the behavior of large, complex socio-technical systems (often today shorthanded as “algorithms”) that centrally involve some mixture of personalization, opaque rules, and machine learning components. Thinking rooted in (...)

  • Tools for jimmying experience: Conceptual speed dating on Facebook

    Novembre 2017, par Roger Dawkins
    This paper extends previous work that develops Deleuze’s concept of immanence in a research and education context. Its focus is a minor practice called Conceptual Speed Dating (CSD), noted by Brian Massumi as a technique for disabling the tendency in group dynamics for participants to perform (...)

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