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  • Still queer --- or, what is queer Internet studies for those who don't study the Internet?

    1er juillet, par Lisa Henderson
    The queer Internet is a cultural formation, not a technological outcome. It bears the marks of changes, uncertainties, and structures of feeling of queer and non-queer cultures at large. Our questions can be: what have we as queers chosen to do with the Internet? What will we choose to (...)

  • Locating Femme Theory Online

    1er juillet, par Andi Schwartz
    Paying close attention to the Internet has revelatory potential for femme theory. Femme, a queerly feminine sexual and gender identity, has so far been under theorized and is often treated as unimportant or even suspect in queer and feminist studies (Martin, 1996; Harris and Crocker, 1997; (...)

  • "I pretended to be a boy on the Internet": Navigating affordances and constraints of social networking sites and search engines for LGBTQ+ identity work

    1er juillet, par Vanessa Kitzie
    In this multi-platform study, I analyze interviews with 30 lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ+) individuals in the United States (U.S.) to demonstrate how social networking sites (SNS) and search engines afford and constrain their identity work. Data analysis identifies three (...)

  • "Can I study you?" Cross-disciplinary conversations in queer Internet studies

    1er juillet, par Michelle A. Marzullo, Jasmine Rault, T. L. Cowan
    We first met around a workshop table at the queer Internet studies (QIS2) in Philadelphia in February 2017. This conversation began when we realized that we all had some disciplinary knowledges, training and practice that can bear upon queer Internet studies, but simultaneously we felt (...)

  • Queer Internet studies recommended reading list

    1er juillet, par Jen Jack Gieseking, Jessa Lingel, Daniel Cockayne
    The list below is a selection of queer Internet studies (QIS) literature that, far from a comprehensive list, as a jumping off point for those looking to undertake research on the Internet from a queer perspective, or who are looking to do research with queer communities online. We offer this (...)

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