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  • Children learning to read in a digital world

    1er octobre, par Mirit Barzillai, Jenny M. Thomson
    Children’s earliest experiences of written language increasingly involve digital text — on phones, tablets and computers. This shift has triggered worry about the potential harm to children’s ability to read in a deep, focused manner on the one hand, and optimism for the potential of technology to (...)

  • Decreasing materiality from print to screen reading

    1er octobre, par Theresa Schilhab, Gitte Balling, Anežka Kuzmi?ová
    The shift from print to screen has bodily effects on how we read. We distinguish two dimensions of embodied reading: the spatio-temporal and the imaginary. The former relates to what the body does during the act of reading and the latter relates to the role of the body in the imagined scenarios (...)

  • The mystery of the digital natives' existence: Questioning the validity of the Prenskian metaphor

    1er octobre, par Pasqualina Sorrentino
    Net Generation (Tapscott, 2009, 1998; Oblinger and Oblinger, 2005), Generation Y (Zhao and Liu, 2008; Halse and Mallinson, 2009), Millennials (Howe and Strauss, 2000), Homo Zappiens (Veen, 2003) and i-Generation (Rosen, 2010). The labels used to describe the generation of young people and their (...)

  • Bibliotherapy in the age of digitization

    1er octobre, par Moniek M. Kuijpers
    This contribution reviews both theoretical and empirical research on the effects of absorbed reading and bibliotherapy on subjective psychological well-being, paying special attention to the possible influence of digitization on this relationship. Reading on tablets, for example, could prove (...)

  • Why digital natives need books: The myth of the digital native

    1er octobre, par Hildegunn Støle
    This article is concerned with children’s reading development in the important years from when they begin learning to read to the age when the child reaches adequate reading comprehension to read to learn from a variety of texts on diverse subjects. Like any skill, reading skill requires (...)

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